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Israel Solar Energy Field

Contemporary Israeli society is at the forefront of the global effort to shift from non-renewable sources of energy to safer sustainable and renewable sources. Israel is using creativity and advanced technology to address this global issue. We will see some of Israel’s exciting projects on-site, including innovative solar facilities.

Site One: The Arava Power Company’s Solar Facility

Kibbutz Ketura is the site of the Arava Power Company’s first solar panel installation site, which is also the first solar photovoltaic sun field in the Middle East. Today close to 5 megawatts of electricity flows to the Israeli electric grid. Our guests learn of how we have turned our oldest enemy – the sun – into our newest friend and benefactor. The site is located in the Arava Valley, between the Dead Sea and Eilat.

Site Two: Solar Facilities in Jerusalem
Visit two Israeli schools with solar panels installed on the roofs, and learn about the growth of solar use among public and private institutions and consumers.

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