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Exploring Israel through an Ecological Lens

The itinerary below includes the following components:

  • Introduction to Israel’s Environment
  • Israel and Ecological High Tech Innovation—Renewable Energy, Water Conservation, and Desalinization
  • Trees in Israel and the Carmel Fire
  • Israel’s Water Challenges
  • Organic Farming in Israel
  • Bird Migration in Israel
  • Jerusalem’s Ecology
  • Hiking, Desert and Ecology

Each component is placed in a morning or afternoon slot and in a particular part of the country.  These can very easily be changed; some components can be taken out entirely. This itinerary can be modified based on the needs and interests of the group, including regarding content and duration. 


Eco Israel Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Ben Gurion airport. Travel to the town of Clil (in the upper Galilee). Night at Clil.

Day 2: Morning: tour of solar panel installations in the Galilee region, and exploration of renewable energy in Israel. Afternoon:  to the Sea of Galilee. Program on water issues in Israel. Late afternoon: return to Clil, and prepare dinner. Night at Clil.

Day 3: Travel to Mount Carmel. Tour of the site of the 2010 fire. Learning on Bible sources on trees. Return to Clil and prepare dinner. Night at Clil.

Day 4: Morning: travel to Jerusalem and check in to hotel. Visit to Jerusalem Bird Observatory. Go to Western Wall on Friday night, then Friday night dinner. Night at hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 5: Saturday morning walking tour of Jerusalem. Afternoon learning on Jerusalem and ecology in the Sacher Park and Wohl Rose Garden. Evening: free night in Jerusalem. Night at hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 6: Go to Machane Yehuda market in Jerusalem for program on globalized and local food in Israel. Lunch at the market.  Afternoon:  travel to Moshav Shuva in the northern Negev desert  learn about the experience of a young community aiming for environmental sustainability. Dinner and sleep at Shuva.

Day 7: Hike in the desert and exploration of Bible teachings relating to the desert. Dinner and sleep at Shuva.

Day 8: Travel to Kibbutz Aviezer in Emek Haela, and hike to local spring near where David slew Goliath.

Afternoon: travel to Chava v’Adam organic farm and community near Modi’in. Tour the site, and harvest produce from the field. Eat dinner at the farm, and then engage in evening learning session on sustainable agriculture in Israel. Night at Chava v’Adam.

Day 9: Morning: Travel to Better Place electric car facility for tour and test drive of electric cars. Afternoon: Visit Shafdan, Israel and the Middle East’s largest wastewater recycling facilty. Evening: dinner and night in Tel Aviv.

Day 10: Morning: Travel to Hiriya park for tour of the garbage dump turned park. Afternoon: visit to water desalinization plant. Evening in Tel Aviv. Hotel in Tel Aviv

Day 11: Concluding session. Leave Tel Aviv for Ben Gurion airport.